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Καταλογος πρεσσαριστων πανελ

Καταλόγος inox πανελ
Κατάλογος θωρακισμένων πορτών
Κατάλογος καγκέλου (σύντομα διαθέσιμος)
Pressed Panels Traditional panels inox panels Armoured doors Railings-canopies Pre-cut panels

Aluminium FLAT Panels / Boards
BIOPANEL SA are presenting now their NEW FLAT Aluminium Panels/Boards BIO.FLAT Economy.

They are Eco-friendly, light and heat insulation panels for use in many sectors ie Door panels manufacture, Office partitions, manufacture of house containers, cabins and boxes, lorries and trucks’ carosseries etc.

Product composition
ACP 2mm + Expanded polystyrene (EPS / Stiropor) + ACP 2mm It can be also produced with XPS core (Extruded polystyrene / Stirodur) on request.